We'RE A team of Marketing & Web DEVELOPMENT

experts based in Seattle, Washington.


Leased Up began as a part of Bonsai Media Group, a full-service internet marketing firm established in 2009. As Bonsai grew to service more and more real estate clients within Seattle’s burgeoning housing market, we continually recognized opportunities to aid newer apartment communities in their lease up efforts.

Since our inception, we've been able to positively impact each of our client’s absorption rates dramatically. The comprehensive nature of our services, our years of experience working with a variety of different businesses, and our proven expertise in online marketing and web development leave us perfectly situated to act as your community’s full-service, outsourced marketing team. 

  • Does your building need a fully-functioning website?
  • Do you need a coordinated marketing effort to drive leads to your door?
  • Looking to engage with the community via social media?
  • Want to have your community featured on every local listing imaginable?
  • Do you need impeccable 3D renders and promotional videos of your building?
  • Looking to draw folks in with an awesome Grand Opening event? 


We handle all of the above and more. No matter where your community stands in the leasing process, our team will leverage the appropriate tools and methods to help you lease more units sooner, rather than later.




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